SOCRatES is currently made up of about 9.700 images and 1000 videos captured with 103 different smartphones of 15 different makes and about 60 different models. The acquisition has been performed in uncontrolled conditions. In order to collect the database, many people were involved and asked to use their personal smartphone to collect a set of pictures. Instructions were given to the participants and they collected the set of pictures in complete autonomy. The reason behind this choice is, on the one hand, to collect a database of heterogeneous pictures and to maximize the number of devices employed, and, on the other hand, to carefully replicate the real scenario of application of the techniques that will use this database as benchmark. In fact, by selecting a “population” of smartphone users and letting them capturing the pictures, we automatically select a set of smartphones representing the current market. In this first acquisition session, a population of Master students from EURECOM has been involved.


A password for decrypting the compressed SOCRatES ZIP files will be provided after receiving the duly signed license agreement. Please fill in the license agreement and send a scanned copy by e-mail at

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  • SOCRatES: a database of realistic data for SOurce Camera REcognition on Smartphones

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  • Videos versus still images: Asymmetric sensor pattern noise comparison on mobile phones

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